The Service Foundation for the Deaf

Every client has the Individual Service Plan
In service housing, the service needs of each client are defined in an individual service plan. The plan is made together with the client, his/her family members, and different co-operation partners such as various local authorities in the person's municipality of residence. The first plan is made after the period of experimenting and preparation. It is checked and rewritten every year.

In services paid by the municipalities, the evaluation criteria used are the price, quality, and flexibility of services, multiple qualifications of staff, and the clients' general satisfaction with the situation.

Sign language services for deaf and deafblind people

The service centres provide housing services and home services in sign language for deaf and deafblind clients of different ages. The staff members speak sign language and have knowledge on deafness and deafblindness. This creates a basis for the social, mental, and physical welfare of the residents. A sign language speaking environment with solutions of information and interaction applied to it strengthens peer support and the common action of people who share the same language background.

The service centres of the Service Foundation for the Deaf provide preparation for work and other work activities to promote the clients' knowhow. In service housing, everyone participates in the common household chores according to his/her abilities. Some centres co-operate with different work activity centres and other communities. The Ratamotie Group Home concentrates on commercial gardening. The Sampola work activity centre is the only work centre in Finland that functions via using sign language.